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I found this a little odd until I reviewed the list of web frameworks on Wikipedia again.
Now they don't just sell hot dogs.This means that people are starting to see them as being more of a general purpose language than the language used for a specific framework.So, if the job trends are starting to separate, what does the relative growth look like: This graph jeux de casino gratuit en francais casinos gratuits is interesting for two reasons.Trustees: Lisa Raymond, President, Jul-mi Cho, John Donahue, Barbara Gallagher, Mark Karsner,.Near my house, in the Chicago area, there is this great hot dog place called Portillo's.Jane Lang, Evening Supervisor, zachary Mahfouz, Shannon McCoy Student Assistants.So, I first looked at some of the popular PHP web frameworks, Zend, CakePHP and, codeIgniter.So, what about Python?Seeing the growth of Ruby and Groovy slowly trend away from their web frameworks is a good sign for adoption of those languages.Leigh Kozak, Betsy McDermott, Heidi Doherty, Ed Roster, and Rev.
I noticed that there was no correlation between those frameworks and the growth of PHP.
What I did not realize was that many people considered.
Granted, this is not a strong correlation, but there are some similarities.I don't know about you, but now that the Christmas holiday feasting season is over, I am ready for some lighter fare!So, my apologies to all those people that complained, I was obviously wrong.Groovy and, grails to be similarly tied.The second reason this graph is interesting, is the disparity of growth between Groovy and Grails.This shows me that Groovy and Grails are being considered separately as opposed to the Ruby/Rails combination.In my experience, Groovy has been used as a scripting language, but I have worked in heavy Java shops where Spring or Struts ruled the MVC world.First, the Ruby growth and Rails growth trends are almost identical.With all the heavy food we will all be eating during the holiday season, it's nice to have a delicious salad to keep things fresh!