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This year, something told me that the rut would be strong, and that hunting in a stand bordering the bedding area would be beneficial.
The land had great meaning to me; I had hunted on it year-round including shed hunting, spring turkey hunting, and bowhunting. .
I had seen a good amount of deer throughout the week; the corn was being cut across the road, the rut was in the full swing, and high winds made the deer constantly on the move at all hours of the day. .On Thursday, November 14th, I went out in the stand at around 9 am and sat all day. .Bill happened to be turkey hunting this same night, and was sitting due West in a pine plantation about 125 yards from my stand. .Immediately, a leaf about 3 feet from the blood foamed up and told me the direction the buck went. .This leaf did not have any blood on it, but clear juices from the deers body had dripped out and would have been undetected to the human eye. .Its like a professional baseball player batting.000, its nearly impossible. .Skye Goode, Mossy Oak ProStaff, in this installment of Victory Outdoors.
Once a month, siblings come together with volunteer counselors to spend the day together.
Spending a week at Camp to Belong is roulette casino barriere a highlight of my year, said Jay, who attended his fourth camp this summer.
Still shaking from the adrenaline, I got down from my stand and immediately checked the trail camera that had been pointed to take pictures of that deer trail, but it hadnt captured a picture of the shot. .I cried all night and called a few friends to talk me through. .The 80-plus young campers in residence celebrated the sibling bond while enjoying boating, swimming, horseback riding, scrapbooking, trapeze artistry, a sibling birthday party, basketball, soccer, a mini-carnival, and literally climbing walls.I had several encounters with shooter bucks that just didnt present a shot, came in after shooting light, or I couldnt pull them off the doe they were following. . The big bonus was that this season Daniel Johns performed live (watch the video below).He stayed about 85 yards in front of me, and walked down into the bedding area, which was a low-lying swamp just West of the oaks I was sitting. .